Over the course of the last century, significant advances in science and medicine have led to a drastic increase of human life span and overall quality of life. Many formerly deadly or debilitating diseases can now be cured or curbed, and progress continues to be made on those where it has not been achieved yet. Better health enabled economic growth and an increase in overall wealth.

Arguably, we live among the best times mankind has seen.


At the same time, major trends are spurring on changes in the industry such as a fast growing and aging population, cost pressure on healthcare systems, empowered patients with focus on prevention, convergence of technology and medicine, to name a few.


At Adragos Pharma, we are convinced that these trends will drive fundamental changes in business models. This will open the door to unprecedented and extremely attractive investment opportunities for those who understand the industry.

The Pharmaceutical Industry


At Adragos, we are convinced that the pharmaceutical industry is undergoing changes that will open the door to extremely attractive investment opportunities.

Case Example


Most of the drugs which had the biggest benefit on human health have now become a commodity. In fact, several first-line treatment options have been around for decades and are still indispensable for our healthcare systems today.


For large pharma companies, these drugs are of lesser priority and production is often outsourced to so-called CDMOs (contract development and manufacturing organizations). Significant value can be unlocked in this subsegment of the pharma market by following a buy & build strategy, operational improvements and increasing asset utilization.


We are experts in the field with deep experience and a network that allows us to identify the right assets, acquire them in a low-competition environment and successfully operate them at above-industry excellence. This is the value we provide to investors, customers and patients.